The best protection against mycotoxins

Mycotoxin... a global problem

Protect your animals while you feed them.

The Natural Solution


The intestinal fuel for better performance

Sintobutyl 50 is a source of butyrate (S.C.F.A.) salified with calcium (not sodium) in form of microencapsulated free flowing odorless powder.
The product works on the intestinal integrity.
It is an energy source for the gut cells with antibacterial effect.
Destined to young animals during growing stress periods.
For a better feed covnersion in poultry

Boost your performance

Supporting Eubiosis it promotes the gastrontestinal health creating many benefits

Sintacidomix is a well balanced mixture of chestnut tannin and organic acids in granular form, to make use of the nutritional benefits of both of them.
- improves digestion lowering stomach pH
- reduces symptoms of diarrhea
- losses after weaning
- has positive effect on ADWG and FC
- supports health measures at poultry and pigs breeding

The Scent of Nature

Sund Drops available in liquid and powder form, are drops of essential oregano oil with a direct antibacterial and antidiarrheal effect.
A natural alternative to antibiotics, without side effects and withdrawal period
It stimulates appetite and helps solving specific enteric disorders in swine, poultry, rabbit and calves.
With the following benefits
- No bacterial resistance
- Lower mortality rates
- Better feed conversion
- Promotes health and production

The intestinal bioavailability

Where need is greatest

Developed with Sintofarm technology the by-pass protected amino acids increase the protein efficiency in ruminants for a better quality and milk quantity.
The right way for balancing aminoacid increasing protein efficiency
Sintocol 25 - reduces fatty liver syndrome
Sintolys 50
- increases milk production
Sintomet 55
- increases milk component

Vitamin E 50% feed grade and water dispersible

Manufactured in Italy by Sintofarm in microgranulated powder form

Sintofarm S.p.A. is manufacturing Vitamin E 50% feed grade and Vitamin E 50% water dispersible in its manufacturing site located in Montecolombo (RIMINI), Italy.
Technical information